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Acrylic, also known as "PMMA" or "Acrylic", the source by the English acrylic (acrylic plastic). The chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, is an early development of important plastic polymer materials.
Acrylic sheet specifications of many kinds. Ordinary plates are: transparent plates, dyed transparent plates, opalescent plates, colored plates; special plates are: bathroom plates, cloud plates, mirror plates, laminated plates, hollow plates, impact resistant plates, flame retardant plates, super wear-resistant plates, surface patterned plates, frosted plates, pearlescent plates, metal effect plates, etc.
Acrylic products include acrylic panels, acrylic plastic particles, acrylic light boxes, signboards, acrylic bathtubs, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic (latex) paint, acrylic adhesives and other products, a wide range.
Application areas: hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, clubs, villas, museums, medical care, education, catering, exhibition displays, etc.
Application area: ceiling, integrated ceiling, partition, screen, sliding door, transparent wall, hotel furniture, office furniture, bar, lighting, chandelier, logo, signage, flooring, landscape, etc.
Acrylic display shelves are extremely versatile and can be used for cosmetic display, digital product display, toy display, wine display, etc. There are small display shelves, and large display cabinets. Its main use is to display display goods, to promote the role of promotion.

Acrylic countertop is acrylic (PMMA) as the substrate, with ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide as filler countertop, is a kind of artificial stone countertop. There are high hardness characteristics and better toughness, can do bending processing, and has excellent weather resistance and mechanical properties, in the case of temperature differences will not produce natural cracking, and acrylic has a high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, with "plastic crystal" reputation.
The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic display panels:
Compared to other materials, acrylic cabinets can better ensure the integrity of the countertop, in giving us a more comfortable and smooth visual experience at the same time, effectively avoid the infiltration of external dirt, to bring us more convenient cosmetics store use, the general service life of about 10 years.
The advantages of acrylic panels: acrylic panels are made of seamless splicing, even if the problem is easy to repair, better installation, easy to clean and other features.
Disadvantages of acrylic countertops: in the hardness is not as good as quartz stone, such as rough objects rubbing on the countertop, easy to destroy the brightness of the countertop. Composite acrylic high temperature resistance to 90 degrees, pure acrylic high temperature resistance of 120 degrees, but not long contact with overheated objects.

Chongqing Senchun Advertising Co., Ltd. is a professional production of spray-painted portraits, plexiglass (acrylic) products, luminous characters processing plant. Our company specializes in the production of: spray-painted portraits, outdoor light cloth spray-painting, X display stand, E pulling display stand, LED photo frame, photo frame, LED display, luminous characters, plexiglass medical treatment equipment supporting cover, plexiglass display display stand, plexiglass engraving, plexiglass jewelry display stand, plexiglass cosmetic display stand, plexiglass tobacco and wine packaging, plexiglass dealership sign, plexiglass work sign. Plexiglass advertising signs, Plexiglass advertising light boxes, Plexiglass hotel supplies, Plexiglass club signs, Plexiglass property signs, Plexiglass murals, Plexiglass data boxes, Plexiglass liquor signs, etc. We deal with all kinds of high and middle grade acrylic plates, mirror plates, chevron plates, PS plates, PP plates, PVC plates, PC plates, plexiglass round tubes, round rods, etc. and accessories related to acrylic products (saw blades, bubble-free adhesive, hinges, triangular strips, transparent foot pads, acrylic repair agents, etc.).



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